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Juicer brief experience in the choose and buy

Author:   Time:2017/4/8 9:37:20

Juicer in accordance with the principle of work is divided into two kinds: high-speed centrifugal fruit juice machine, the working principle of network is to use the knife thousands of revolutions per minute of high-speed rotating the fruit pieces, and strong centrifugal force makes the spray into the juice cup, while pomace dumped into slag bucket. Although this kind of juice machine is fast, but also don’t have to cut the fruit is very small, but the downside is very obvious, big noise and low juice yield, and the taste is bad, the individual feels the high speed of the blade in the heat generated by the fruit of many effective components can be heated and degeneration, so a lot of oxidation loss of nutrients and result in bad taste.

Low-speed extrusion type juicer: within the working principle is to rely on a screw at 80 revolutions per minute, low-speed rotation, extrusion, grinding of fruit juice through the screen flow, pomace discharge through the discharge port. This kind of taste good, and low noise.

Appearance: juicer bought looked at every day, look I look cool, or a very important, and the difference between plastic and metal, metal general durability, security will be better.

Noise: playing fruit juicer namely motor. Product has been noise can now, basically extrusion, the type of noise are acceptable with mind noise friends can try in person.

The speed and power, speed fast, big power out of the juice, but the corresponding noise problem came out, think differently.

Convenient cleaning or not: the only people who used to know, don’t impulse buy a is not easy to clean, this is doomed juicer machine. Ha ha, pay attention to the dross storage case, see if you can get down to cleaning and so on.

Quality and warranty: quality mainly look at the inside edge, screen and so on. Good warranty also want to consider, this thing, after all, domestic also is not very popular, don’t like how to use the TV won’t be bad.